Heart House Music Studio

Piano and Voice Lessons for girls ages 7 and up

Music Lessons

Are you interested in private voice or piano lessons for your child? Check out the details about our Heart House Music Studio. We are now accepting new students, girls ages 7 and up for piano, and 9 and up for voice.

Lessons are $20 a month for regular 30-minute lessons.

Why so cheap? Because we strongly believe that music is vital for life. We believe God gave us music so we can find healing in our weakness, joy in our sadness, and hope in our darkness. Music challenges us, grows us, unites us, and calms us when we need it the most. And because we believe all of this, we want it to be accessible and affordable to everyone. 

Upcoming Events

Do you want to get involved serving our community with Heart Academy of Music? Check out all the upcoming opportunities!

Last Year was a success!

Take a look at some of the highlights from our Summer Music Clubs, Music Fun Day and Christmas Celebration! We had so much fun!

Investing in people's lives through the gift of music!

Backyard Music Clubs 2016, Woodland Heights site learning about "Peter and the Wolf"

 Heart Academy of Music has been serving the community since April 2014. Through private music lessons, summer music programs, and so much more, we have invested in so many lives through the gift of music. At Heart Academy, we want our students to not only learn about music, but to also grow in confidence so they can in turn share their heart through music.

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